So yes, we are two designers from Istanbul who want to make games.

Here is little bit of history in some kind of a blog format.

We started sketching some game ideas back in 2013, while we were busy with our clients. Actually we have another business going on here where we do research and design projects for big companies about how people behave and use stuff.

Since we were 2 designers with almost zero coding/development power, we thought we could get help from other professionals who are good at their jobs, therefore we started our first game project.

An ambitious non realistic project

Our first project, -code named as "Native"- was about digital beings living inside semi physical world who can only be seen through a special app on your smartphone. After struggling for about a year on how to turn this vague idea into an eligible, playable, enjoyable game, we realized it was too big and too complicated for us. Of course it was. And we dropped it. But we loved the name and made it our company name as Play Native Entertainment. (About a year later, Niantic has launched the famous augmented realty game Pokemon GO and shook the world. It seemed like an over night success to most people but the guy had buried 20 years of his life into it. So that concludes how stupid we were thinking about making similar thing.)

Cranks & Goggles

We thought we better restart this quest in "easy" by making something that at least we know a little better (Actually we should have started from tutorials, but anyways). Ugur had an an idea about a racing game that takes place in 20's with customizable cars presented in very minimalistic artwork style. He sketched some artworks and we loved it. We had played so many racing games together, one of us was was an amateur race car driver in real life, things should have come easy.

Aydincan learned Unity and Ugur learned SketchUp. Ugur designed all of the models and levels inside SketchUp, Aydincan put them into use inside Unity. We hired a freelance developer and started building it.

Then it took almost 3 years to publish or at least come out with something publish-able. Finished game turned out to be as exactly as we wanted it; funny, difficult and aesthetically good looking and also, not so as we wanted it to be; crashing, buggy and unpolished, because of the things that our beyond our control. We tried to fix it but our freelance development strategy not worked so well. Eventually, we decided to stop further developments of C&G.

"Cranks & Goggles" ladies and gents, is the first racing game that takes place in 20's, in the history racing games that no one really cares about. We see it as a tribute to world of motorsports. It's difficult, sometimes frustrating, it needs its players real driving effort. That's why some people love it and some people hate. We do understand both sides.

After almost 2 years, we are still proud of our selves. We've produced a one of a kind racing game without any prior knowledge about how to make a video game.

Space something game (Updated in September 2018)

Right now we're learning Unreal Engine and we want to make a space game.

A space game that is less boring then currently available space games.

Let us explain a little.

Starting with the Atari's Asteroids, we played almost all of the space games from the very beginning of time. We even made our company meetings in Eve's company chat. There is this problem with the space it self though; space is boring. Thanks to the modern computer chips and graphic cards, developers are pushing the boundaries further. The closer we get to the real thing, the more boring space games become.

You are there, alone in the dark, looking at the same screens over and over, discovering same planets, same nebulas, coming back home after a stressful weekday, trying to extract some fun out of your experience.

That's why Space Folk idea was born. You'll here more about it in our blog and youtube channel soon.